HOTEL: A proposal for the introduction of a new use, that of a ‘boutique hotel’ in an existing building complex of historical significance, full of character and corresponding restrictions, in the centre of Athens. (2017).

The challenge was to offer functional solutions without compromise in the aesthetic quality and architectural merit of the spaces within the complex. An impressive range of spaces are offered, all full of light and important architectural characteristics to be preserved at all cost. The range of spaces was immense,  from classically detailed high ceiling spaces, to modern abstracted austere interiors, all with quality characteristics posing restrictions and challenges to the designer due to the intricacies of the existing plans. Thus standardization of room design as is usually the  case in new hotel installations was inconceivable for this project. This however did not prevent the most advanced level of standardization possible in furniture size, bathroom facilities and innovative solutions custom designed for this project, to be successfully pursued in the present proposal.

In addition, alternative designs  with varying density of occupation for some spaces  were considered according to the suggestions of prospective developers. Here the business plan and intensions, considering anticipated market and pricing, determined density of accommodation versus magnificence of classical space and potential price range of the individual rooms-apartments.  Very detailed technical solutions were considered, so as not to compromise aesthetically the architectural features of the space and to ensure the reversibility of any intervention. The project is not implemented, still under consideration.

The listed historical building is a very rare surviving example of free-standing neoclassical building in the greater ‘Colonaki’ area with four exposed elevations. The multiplicity of free elevations, and the excellent orientation, with all rooms offering access to favourable orientations from North-East to South-West, are an asset for the listed building, while the compatible new wing, facing the neo-classical historical building and connected to it only below ground, benefits from an optimal, exclusively south-east and south orientation with many openings and appropriately sized and proportioned windows.  The immense wall surface area compared to the overall size of the building complex, guarantees uniquely favourable lighting conditions, with multiple windows in several rooms.

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