An office building in Zallongou 4, Agia Paraskevi, a suburb of Athens 1997-1999.

An office building owned by a single company who purchased the plot in order to house its headquarters, after the preliminary study had been executed convincingly, as the plot was narrow and of a rather unusual shape. The goal was a strong corporate identity and a design to fit within the narrow plot. The existing surrounding buildings permitted the placement of the building so as to obscure the existing blind wall of the neighbouring property, while at the same time a very innovative volumetric scheme was applied, consistent with the oblique main elevation but also guaranteeing functional spaces for the specific prescribed used. Ample parking spaces were supplied at basement levels. The concept was a cubical granite block with ‘square’ windows interlocked between glass oblique rectilinear volumes at the lower level (protruding from the cube) and at the top level with long distance view over the surrounding construction. The free long side of the elongated plot, containing the stairway, was curved, and originally designed to be finished with curved ‘alucobond’ panels which were not implemented by the owner during construction. Also several discrepancies in both volume and finishing materials took place during  construction, at the expense of the consistency  and purity of the quite precise design concept, due to urgent change in priorities late during construction and need for additional space is specific locations, to house specific expanding needs of the firm. Change of ownership resulted in additional interventions on the elevations and further deterioration as witnessed by recent photographs of the existing state of the building. The 3-D images of the project made during the design phase before construction, most clearly express the original design concept and originally prescribed finishing materials.

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