Characteristics of the projects and the design activity.


Original Unique Creations: Originality in the actual fundamental synthetic idea and design concept, the combination of general layout with original compatible detailing and selection of finishing materials –and NOT as often  encountered, originality restricted in the satisfaction of programmatic requirements with repetitive formal vocabulary and detailing common to other buildings by the same designer.

Non-repetition of a design concept that has been consistently implemented in the past,- thus aiming in the production  of architectural original creations of refined design which are unique, in a fashion similar to much appreciated efforts of authentic creators in the widest spectrum of artistic domains, from the ‘pure‘ visual arts to the most illustrious domain of high-end human attire. Resistance to the lure of ‘easy profit’ that is quite effectively pursued when previous designs and detailing are allowed to be repeated in a new project.


Consistency: In the design of the overall layout and in the detailing, which are decided upon early and based on the initial constraints of the architectural challenge.


Abstracted Simplicity:  Reaching the goal with the simplest possible vocabulary of forms, materials, texture, colours etc., avoiding verbosity, unnecessary contrast and unnecessary complexity.


Evaluation of priorities: (Efficient / Rational prioritization of Functional, Technical and Aesthetic  (i.e. Volumetric vocabulary, Form, Texture, Colour  & Light related) considerations on a case-by-case basis.


Efficient/Rational Hierarchical Prioritization of Space determines proposals, based on importance of its use and, whenever applicable, in relation also with axes, symbols and conceptual relevance.


Organic connection with the environment is pursued, whether natural or man-made or historically loaded urban, with respect and aiming at optimal integration. Gradual transition from the interior space to semi-covered, the  ‘tamed’ and orderly outdoor open space in direct contact with the building, to the natural surrounding (when applicable).


Energy Efficiency, Nature-friendliness, and Graceful-aging:  Consideration of orientation and particular climatic conditions, as well as natural aging with patina of tested natural materials. Technical efficiency of construction, combined with moderate use of electro-mechanical installations, without dependence on extravagant or overly costly novel systems, often untested or merely fashionable.


Personal Creation & Responsibility to follow through: Personal involvement not only in the establishment of the design concept but also in the vast majority of the  design creative activities until the final stage of detailing, and NOT delegating design responsibility i.e. the handling of the architectural challenge through associates, selected according to the ‘perceived importance’ of the particular project.

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