Doctorate (DrDes) degree at the Graduate School of Design, June 1993.
Master of Science in Architecture Studies Degree, (S.M.Arch.S.), January 1986.
Diploma of Architecture, School of Architecture, N.T.U. five year professional degree in Architecture, June 1983.
First prize in architectural competitions
-1999: The adaptation of an existing concrete structure in office and congress space to be utilized by the Greek Parliament, on a property owned by the Greek Parliament in Central Athens Amalias 22-24.
-1997: The new building complex for the Ziridis school, at a 80.000 m2 plot at Spata, in Attica close to Athens. The project that was later developed in collaboration with the Architect A. Calligas while the majority of the initial 19 buildings were finally constructed despite budget constraints. The Ziridis school is a prestigious private school in Athens.
-1993: The development of a c.2800 m2 plot in the centre of Athens for commercial use, (on the intersection of Tsoha & Vournazou street) The project was later further developed in collaboration with Architect A.S.Calligas and the 10.000 m2 office complex with 10.000 m2 parking space has since housed the ‘Court of Audit’.
Graduate Scholarships 1983 - 1993 from M.I.T School of Architecture and Planning and Harvard University, Graduate School of Design.
1996 - Private Professional practice for Architectural Studies and Supervisions, focused in quality innovative design, with projects all over the Greek territory including multiple projects in the greater Athens area, as well as projects in the Greek countryside. Designs were all prototypical, and one of a kind in style and detailing, aiming primarily in originality and internal consistency. The Architectural, Landscape or Interior Studies of either commercial office space or private residences (single attached, or blocks of flats) were all fundamentally different in design concept and style/detailing, the original scheme each time most appropriately meeting the specific requirements and constraints of the individual project.
The professional practice was initially based at Voukourestiou 25, Athens 106-71 in central Athens and then in October 2010, it was relocated in privately owned premises at 10, Neophytou Douka Street in the same area (Kolonaki), in a setting that previously housed the practice of late father and collaborating architect A.S.Calligas since the early 70’s.
Design activity also included specialized restoration of several listed buildings, of significant proportion as well as very specialized services both of a structural and organizational nature, but also of legal specialty regarding the multiple additional involved authorities issuing permits and consenting to the proposed works for such projects, most notably the various departments and competent authorities of the ministry of Culture.
1988 - 2005 Professional Architectural Practice in Greece at times materialized through the following companies, registered in Athens Greece:
1988 - 1991 ‘Synthesis Architectural Design Ltd’, Founding Partner.
1989 - 2001 ‘Synthesis Architecture Ltd’, Founding partner.
1997 - 2005 ‘A. S. Calligas & Company O.E.’ Founding member and Partner, a company that maintained a Professional Confirmation of Ability Degree E Class (top-most level of Experience for a Company), from the Registry of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, for Architectural Studies for the Public Sector for both Categories, 6 (New Buildings) and 7 (Special Architectural Studies).
- Also since 1997, corresponding Personal Confirmation Degree C (highest for individual) for Category 6 (New Buildings) as well as B for Category 7 (Special Architectural Studies)
-Design priorities and philosophy was not altered based on the legal vehicle by which the projects were officially undertaken. A hands-on approach from the designer of the project from the general layout down to the most minute detail was always characteristic, however full supervision was not possible in public projects as well as in some isolated instances in private projects too.
1988 - 1996 Part time (especially until 1991) and later more consistent private practice with intervals, pursued in Greece, involving recreational and permanent residences, office-buildings, interior projects and furniture design. In parallel scholarly work in Greece and the U.S.A. executed in private in order to pursue variable academic research interests and artistic pursuits at the time.
1986 - 1988 Jung/Brannen Research & Development Corporation.
From Drafting to Design with Computers: ARCHIBUS – ARCHPLUS Expert Systems for Decision Assistance by Computers in Architectural Design during the pioneering days.
1986 Jung Brannen Associates Employed as a staff architect. Architectural Design - construction documents with the use of Computers.
1986 Graphic Systems Inc. Consultant.
1984 - 1986 Μ.Ι.Τ. Research and Teaching Assistant in various projects and courses.
1979 - 1983 Part time involvement during undergraduate studies in Greece in apprenticeship and familiarization with the implementation of traditional methods of construction during the supervision of a small residence in the island of Hydra.
The Alumni Club of the Moraitis School.
The Alumni Club of M.I.T. – Harvard in Greece.
The Technical Chamber of Greece
The Friends of the Benaki Museum.
The Hellenic Philotelic Society. (Athens)
The Royal Philatelic Society, London.
The European Academy of Philately.
Oil Painting

Oil Painting with a focus on ‘Timeless Scenes’ Historically Loaded Landscape in carefully chosen topics, with Human Architectural Traces in balanced interplay with Nature, light form and texture explored seasonally in different circumstances, to discover and uncover hidden qualities of historically loaded locus and uniquely mystifying colour. An individual approach to penetrate the mysteries of  multi-layered architectural treasures under the Mediterranean sky.


Colour: Interdisciplinary major Study, Colour in Nature, psychology and the Human Artistic and creative process, published 2016.

“DE COLORIBUS – The Mystical World of Colour and Harmony in Nature and Art”

History of Art

History of Art, Multiple studies yet unpublished and decades of  rewarding artistic contemplation.

History and Prosopography

History and Prosopography with a focus on eastern Mediterranean and Crusader Links to Eastern Nobility, analysis of historical events through the interests, motives and pursuits of influential families.


Collector, exibitor and scholar with specialty on the stamps of the Large Hermes Head, first issue of Greece. Specialized major multi-prized publications (listed below) and numerous articles published on this topic.

  • The Stamps of the Large Hermes Head- Early Athenian Period 1861-1863: Variety of Impressions by Four Methods of Printing – Chronological Sequence and Duration of Printigs, – Quantities- Circulation, Athens (October 1st), 2011 (English and Greek Edition).
  • The Stamps of the Large Hermes Head 1861-1886: Overview – Precise Depiction of the Variety of Impressions by Four Methods of Printing- Sequence of Printings Athens (November 25) 2012 (English).
  • The 20 Lepta ‘Large Hermes Head’ Stamps of Greece: From legend to objective classification, Athens (October 30) 2015 (English).

Literary: Essays and Poetic Works –  Unpublished.

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