Office Space Interiors in the Central Premises of  Alpha Bank in a complex of Restored Listed Buildings. (2012-2014)

The February 12, 2012 organized  arseny of several buildings in the centre of Athens, involved in the case of Alpha bank, two  of its neighbouring central interconnected  buildings, the Panepistimiou 41 ‘Nicoloudis Mansion’ and the Ex. Popular (‘Laiki’) Bank at the  corner of Panepistimiou (45)  & Pesmazoglou streets.

After the critical structural enhancement and complete meticulous restoration of all the separate, severely damaged listed buildings, detailed interior finishes and furniture design, coupled with arrangement based on the current functional requirements of the Bank, were necessary in all buildings.  In cooperation with the designer Eleni Manouilidi, a re-design and adaptation of previous designs and arrangements during the 1998-2008 period by the same architects, was of course necessary, in order to meet the constantly  changing specifications and requirements of the owner, one of the four systemic banks in Greece. Designs were of course re-adapted to ensure compatibility of the  ever changing functional requirements with the carefully re-proportioned architectural elements of the building after its structural enhancement and the mandatory provisions for optimal fire-resistance. The project, in both damaged buildings, involved both open space layout of furniture and extremely particular listed classical spaces of very different and specific characteristics, proportions and resulting challenges in the design. In some cases surviving furniture either within less damaged spaces of the building complex, imposed further restrictions. Whenever possible, a bright, light, cool professional environment was offered, making the best accommodation of all restrictions and requirements of the owner regarding furniture globally utilized by the bank and in some instances existing furniture, some of which was restored and other reconstructed based on designs by the architects. An off-white discretely coloured interior throughout, displaying professional elegance and cool dignity was selected for the open plan interiors of the Nicoloudis mansion. In the main reception spaces of the Ex Popular bank, wood custom-made furniture of abstracted classical style was constructed and finished based on detailed drawings and instructions by the architect.

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