Intervention in the Alpha Bank Listed Buildings of Ex Ioniki & Laiki Bank to restore their functional and aesthetic integrity.

Alternative proposals to convince the owners of Alpha Bank of the importance of the restoration of the original integrity, symmetry and independence of the interiors of the two early 20th century listed buildings by A. Metaxas that had later (1958) been integrated with interconnection-distortion of their main public-receiving spaces while both owned by the Ionian Bank.

Besides  demolition of inconsistent  previous internal interventions, elimination of additional 5th floor spaces of Ex.Laiki building, and electro-mechanical upgrade of the whole complex, the project involved re-design of the main transaction space of both buildings  to accommodate for open plan without counters. This involved elimination of black-marble column pedestals and intervening counters, as well as elimination also of the later (1958), beige Ioannina-marble column-covering veneer. In the Ex.Ionian Bank, the space was completely re-designed as only the glass-ceiling had survived but all elements in the room had been altered with very limited clues surviving. (a single photo of 1939  showing only the position of the old clock). In Ex.Laiki  building the new design involved appropriately fluted in front compatible Dionyssos marble, rectangular columns well controlled dimensionally so as not to intervene with neighbouring marble original elements in the 1st floor overlooking gallery. (Clues as to the material, were found at an other location in the building close to the main entrance). This finishing was coupled with strengthening of the structural system at places, including carbon fibre enhancement of the eight  free columns in the central space.  Both buildings, after re-gaining their original integrity and independence, were connected with a new glass bridge at an elevated ground-floor level.

The owner accepted the proposal for independence of the two buildings but not extensive structural enhancements or the full extent of aesthetic restoration required in the top floors of the ‘Laiki’ bank building, either at the initial design stage and during the change of specifications in 2005 before late implementation of the project on that building commenced. (2006-2008)

The design for the intervention on the ‘Ex. Ioniki’ (Ionian Bank) central listed building took place in 1999-2002 in association with senior architect A.S.Calligas who was primarily responsible for the supervision during 2003. The design for the intervention on the ‘Ex. Laiki’ (Popular Bank) central listed building took place initially in 1999-2001 and later with a change of specifications was revised in 2005. The implementation of the ‘Laiki’  project was implemented much later in 2006-2008 supervised by architect Stephanos Calligas. This included the prescription of the colouring scheme, which had been requested by the bank to be ‘warm’, in contrast with that of the previously completed Ionian Bank.

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