Vacation residence with guest houses & Swimming Pool, in the Island of Cephallonia, Leivatho, Calligata, 2007-9

A three-building complex in a sea-view 4.000 m2 irregular narrow plot. A historically loaded complex of three new buildings, consistent with ‘Ionian Island classical Venetian architecture” precedent.  With hierarchical priority of the main two-storey residence as a pre-existing 18th century structure onto which more recent construction such as pergolas and one storey buildings were added. The project was also intended as an exclusive rental property.

Two-storey main residence, auxiliary residence, pool, and minor third residence-storage facility in a remote location within the estate.  All implemented in the 200 m2 area constraint of Greek legislature for plots of such area in the countryside. (Plus permissible covered garage space-storage space, basement etc) Schematic Design – Building Permit & Construction Documents, not consistently or fully implemented by local contractors-advisors hired by the owner.

Classical elevations and interiors, dense functional program with modern amenities, and small scale imposed by existing legislation for new out- of town construction, determined the delicate scale and precise proportioning of this unique project. The layout of all buildings, pools, and pergolas  in relation to each other, the view and in relation to the desired privacy and functionality of the whole estate, was the critical determining factor for the unique design. Innovative construction and detailing, ensured the authentic look of the whole with no trace of the mandatory in earthquake prone Cephalonia, rigid cast in place concrete construction. It is unfortunate that client confidence  and over-reliance to local aids and contractors did not enable the precise control required for such a delicate project to be properly implemented in Cephallonia.

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