Attached-housing development project in a c.1300m2 plot in the exclusively residential up-scale Athenian suburb of Ekali (Koumarias Street), 2006-2008.

The three two-storey residences of c.160-220m2 of main spaces plus basement for auxiliary uses and common parking, meet the precise programmatic requirements set by the developer, attached at first floor and basement level. Simple visual volumetric vocabulary that is repeated consistently throughout with precise dimensioning and detailing, offers an abstracted and harmoniously proportioned volumetric scheme, most modern in massing. Though it is abstracted with no superfluous, it is also profoundly classical respecting symmetry in major layout and single volumes-elements with careful consideration of proportions and avoidance anti-classical incompatibilities. Internal main spaces are clean and modern in detailing but all enriched with discrete classical symmetry and the hierarchical spatial prioritization the later implies.  The harmonic proportions of each volume, elevation or internal space, with dynamic relations between horizontal and vertical elements carefully controlled, leads to an artistic expression of mass that combines classical abstracted simplicity with power of intensions.

Tonally the scheme is intentionally very quiet, without tonal contrast – in tune with the mid-toned vegetation that abounds, while warm-cool contrasting hues are extremely de-saturated, blending with the natural environment.

Cast-in-place concrete construction with plastered brickwork, convincing masonry veneer at places, stained hardwood floors with through-the-floor heating and high quality aluminium windows with fully retractable secure shutters. The largest residence features a circular stairway within symbolic ‘campanile-like’ tower in the centre of the complex, while in the one in the rear, the stairway lands centrally on the axis of the main garden window and aligned swimming pool. Unfortunately both the precise marble floor design at the open terraces/entryways and the naturally coloured (with local marble dust) plaster, were not implemented as prescribed due to budget constraints.

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