A stately residence in Ekali, Attica, Greece and an additional smaller residence in a triangular plot of c.1300m2

Prescribed initially as two residences of approximately equal size, it was later decided by the owners that the residence at the top should increase in size and importance becoming the main residence so the project was redesigned, at schematics phase. Building permit was issued after complete final study, still in time for the most favourable regulations allowing for 40% of (covered) ‘semi-outdoor’ spaces in addition to the permissible area of enclosed spaces. The project was eventually not implemented, due to change in the owner’s priorities.

The main residence is laid out as a classical mansion with bold innovating-abstracted design-detailing, offering a wide view of the garden and built at a level suitable in order to visually isolate it completely from neighbouring buildings at a lower level, offering a 270 degree uninhibited distant view, including a hill with a dense natural Mediterranean macchia and pine tree forest towards the south-east. Both residences benefit from separate entrances & covered spaces for parking. The second residence with entrance at the western part at a lower level, is overlooking and in direct contact with a symmetrical completely private garden at the lowest tip of the steep triangular plot. Absolute privacy and classical elevations for all residences characterize the composition, also determining the layout and architectural proposal. Special arrangements such as the elliptical grand stairway of the main residence and the layout of the master bedroom complex, all conformed with the specific requirements set in this project. The neighbouring building towards the east, belonged to a close relative. Kitchens, guest house and children’s  bedrooms were oriented towards it.

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