Furniture Designed by the architect– A selection of projects

Projects involving furniture designed by the architect at various occasions. Mostly small-scale projects meticulous attention to detail.

A heavy oak square living room table with traditional construction, hand-crafted fully by the architect as a student project during studies in the National Technical University of Athens. The school’s workshop was not equipped at the time with tools to handle the dried oak wood that was required for the project so for particular heavy-duty tasks an outside workshop had to be utilized. A thrilling experience in the context of the school curriculum. (c. 1980-81)

A design for a show-case for sea-shells. The shells, to be visible from the glass top, through interchangeable drawers when placed on the highest drawer position thus on display. Drawers are interchangeable, with exactly the same height, while higher drawers for larger shells are in the central area. The bottom three highest drawers at the base are solely for storage. Light below the top at front lights the top drawer on all three columns of drawers, while invisible to the viewer. Velour textured, deep indigo blue cloth finish internally in each drawer, ensures best display and limited mobility of the shells on display. A locking mechanism had also been considered.

Bookcases custom-designed for the Benaki Museum library project, involving  both abstracted wall-mounted bookcases and free-standing classical bookcases. (The Benaki Libray project, with complex functional and technical  requirements is presented separately)

The Benaki-Museum wall-mounted bookcases, for office space designed in the basement of the listed building, involved detailed design of each bookcase with several alternatives and meticulous implementation of the finally selected optimal set of drawings.

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