Residence ‘A’ in Kefalari, Kifisia, with private swimming pool, garden house and pool-house in a 5500m2 plot  including another residence 1995-1997.

A large, classical residence, conforming to contemporary demands for functionality and comfort, quite discretely fully air-conditioned and equipped with the most technologically advanced installations. The residence is designed with the required volumetric and morphological restrain to form an important contemporary link within a long-held tradition of classical stately homes, however with exceptional innovative and abstracted detailing throughout, all prototypical, custom-designed for the specific project.

Very meticulous proportion consideration in volumes, facade elements and interior spaces, offer the essence of the classical ideal, transformed by innovative detailing for a more loose and casual life in contact with the extensive private garden in the mild Athenian climate. Also reflecting this ‘country life’ secluded vast garden atmosphere,  the consistent throughout, carefully planned rustication of the exterior, uniquely designed in orderly alignment with the custom designed subdivisions of the window panes. This required a very precise control of geometry coupled with very precise control during supervision, the latter with the collaboration of architect A.S.Calligas.

The bi-coloured exterior is not painted, instead the colour is embedded in the plaster, aging well with patina. Base and exterior terraces with soft and warm deep-coloured limestone, also aging well and most suitable for quick patina in the garden. Warm hues are dominant, tonally consistent with the surrounding greenery, with total exclusion of overly light or white elements and complemented with contrasting greyish (de-saturated) blue-green shades for shutters, wood elements and ironwork in pergolas and railings.  The meticulously planned with respect to residence-geometry common garden of the two residences (belonging to close relatives), as well as  interior finishes custom designed by the architect , are presented separately.

Looseness, in tune with a contemporary life-style, is reflected also in the interior which though classical in layout and options throughout, offers a simple, casual life-style touch, after a more rigid set of specially custom designed ceilings and floor-patterns, precisely matching the spaces, had been opted against as overly expensive or probably also overly restrictive. Still, shallow barrel-vault ceilings, hidden function of the fully air-conditioned interior through a discrete, practically un-noticeable slit in the specially detailed  false ceiling – special ceilings for particular rooms and false ceilings with modern detailing for every room in the residence are standard options, along with specially designed furniture, bathroom and kitchen interiors etc.

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