Landscape project: Extensive garden and swimming pool facilities at Kefalari area of the Athenian suburb of Kifisia – In a 5.500m2 plot containing two stately residences – 1997-2001

– The geometry of the meticulously designed elevations of the buildings were directly linked to the layout of the garden, including lawn areas, winding paths, borders etc. Major plantings are placed so as to observe the axial symmetry of the facades while  at the same time concealing any external occasional distraction.

-The proposal included a unique variety of specially designed optional elements, such as classical iron pergolas, either straight or curved, placed at appropriate specified locations at the side but also centrally in the garden.

– It also included a wide range of mostly Mediterranean plantings, trees with a long life-expectancy, including a variety of deciduous and evergreen oaks, cypresses, cedars, plane trees etc.

– A very meticulously devised colour-scheme was devised by the architect, with colour compatible areas for the seasonally changing plantings:

– Colours of finishing materials in the garden are soothingly in tune with the mid toned vegetation that abounds, excluding white element contrast just as in the residences themselves.

– The seasonally changing colour scheme included deciduous trees conveniently placed at the borders and orchard and upright shrubs and flower borders with seasonal colour interest as well as climbing plants with access to pergolas and other vertical masonry elements in the residences for fast-track, ‘organic’ integration of the garden with the residences. These result in a uniquely original environment in this garden, both classical-elegant and wildly natural at the same time, with optimal integration of the built with the natural to give the impression of a seasoned estate with accumulated patina and history.   See more below  for sophisticated lighting and a flexible system for a automated watering and supplying with nutrients for fast growth.

The successful proposal by the architect that gained the enthusiastic approval of the owners against the competition, was adhered to without alterations including almost all the optional additional elements –pergolas etc.

– From a functional-psychological standpoint, all entrance areas are appropriately and discretely isolated. Thus, the ‘pleasant surprise’ of arrival at the main vast though appropriately secluded private garden as an extension of the main reception spaces – i.e. as the final destination of a visitor entering the residence.  The resulting feeling of cosiness and comfort caused by the privacy in the sanctuary of an ordered man-made environment truly integrated with the natural in perfect accord, is most critical. Absolutely private first floor secluded gardens as extensions of the master bedroom suites are also provided, the garden thus extending in multiple levels, merged with the residences.

– Conceptual – aesthetic integration of the garden with the residences, was achieved not only through compatible with the residences finishing materials adjusting in the gradual passage from closed space to open covered, to pergolas on terraces, to paved winding paths, and eventually lawn and borders, but most importantly through hierarchically arranged classical space, laid out in accordance with the geometry of the residences, as evidenced by their elevations and elegant gradual transition from classical symmetry to the natural in remote locations away from the residences. In addition, curved path and border lines were employed, thus subconsciously creating depth – a favourable ambiguity as to the actual size of the garden – while offering a more natural effect to the whole garden, in direct relation with the ‘kidney-shaped’ swimming-pools.

– Technically, a selection of easy to acclimatize, mostly Mediterranean plantings, while themes in garden areas vary according to proximity to residences, pools etc. Deciduous major plantings with additional seasonal colour are conveniently isolated. The precise control of the formal-classical or natural look of the garden is intentionally left to the owners with the possibility to fluctuate considerably while maintaining the garden based on their preference.

– Sophisticated lighting system, separate for each section of the garden and equipped with appropriately insulated dimmers functioning to provide a wide range of alternative directional and high-light lighting, suitable for various occasions either private or more public- festive.

– Provision for a fast growing garden through a flexible automated watering system, with sophisticated nutrient supply capability fluctuating seasonally, involving besides the know-how, installations and watering tanks, all functioning with private well or alternative water-supply capability.

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