Interior design provisions by the architect  in two stately residences at Kefalari, Kifisia, 1999-2001.

Both residences are designed with compatibly finished exteriors, though significantly different design concepts around a common extensive garden. A meticulously laid-out custom designed set of classical floor, wall and ceiling designs for most major spaces, showing innovative ceilings and parquet floors, conceived early-on in tandem with the original abstracted classical concept, was the architect’s initial proposal but was opted against by the clients, that requested instead an easier to implement, less rigorous approach, in tune with a  more  relaxed life-style.

The simple ‘modern-relaxed’ more conventional look, involved the most suitable to residence B’ high quality oak floor ‘anglais’, while still retained custom designed false ceilings for both residences including shallow barrel-vaults in central spaces, with particular provisions for the integration of installations including concealed functioning of the fully air-conditioned interior through a discrete, barely noticeable slit along the ceiling perimeter. The critical control for supervision of the intricate construction was undertaken in collaboration with architect A.S.Calligas.

Both residences feature solid-oak staircases, permanent furniture, wood panelling etc, as well as bathroom and kitchen interiors, all unique to each residence and custom designed by the architects to the most intricate detail. In some instances, proposals from other specialist advisors related mostly to actual provision of movable furniture, draperies and particular finishes were adjusted as necessary by the architects to match the geometry and design concept of each residence.

To conform to the prescribed conservative elegance, the interiors in the finalized proposal were discrete in colouring without intense accents, while geometrically compatible with the classical layout and abstracted detailing, respecting the hierarchical spatial prioritization dictated by axial classical symmetry with central placement of fireplaces, staircases, openings, prescribed by the furnished from day-one architectural plans. Thus discrete classical elegance and dignity with carefully calculated effects particular to each residence.

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