An innovative classical interior residential project in Kefalari with abstracted detailing and fresh classical colouring scheme. (1997-1999) Not implemented.

This project involving two large classical residences and pool-house, was conceived in parallel with the architectural scheme in its finalization stage. This involved final floor-plan design, and landscape-garden design in the immediate vicinity of the residences.

Classical interiors, with prototypical innovative custom designed detailing for the particular project, with meticulous custom design of walls, ceilings and floor patterns, to match precisely designed and constructed spaces with rigorous geometry. The warm, bright and airy colouring scheme is also both classical but also fresh and  innovative, featuring warm hues in surrounding walls, and airy and light bluish green ceilings with warm exceptional highlights. It also involved hardwood floor patterns,  precisely custom designed to match the rigorously enforced geometry of all reception spaces. The proposal involved a very sophisticated lighting scheme with both indirect lighting and direct lighting with dimming capabilities, consistent with the geometry of the rooms and the matching ceiling design.

Modern amenities required provisions for full air-conditioning of all spaces through practically invisible slits plus sophisticated direct and indirect lighting through the prescribed false-ceiling design.  Due to budget considerations, but also advice from contractors with interests focused in the ease of implementation and other advisors, a lighter far more conventional approach was requested by the owners  for the interiors of both residences. This was executed to final construction documentation with the same elaborate provisions for amenities-air-conditioning etc. It is presented as a separate interiors project, due to the quite different design concept involved.

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