Residence ‘B’ in Kefalari, Kifisia. A stately c.1000m2 residence with private swimming pool and pool-house in a c.5500m2 family plot containing another residence.

A mandatory volumetrically prominent residence due to extensive programme set by the clients in their preliminary meetings with architect  A.S.Calligas, in relation with zoning restrictions of 350 max plot coverage per residence. Resulting design concept, an assembly of individual bi-coloured rusticated classical plastered volumes with consistent incorporation of the octagon-tower theme, all enveloped within the geometry of central interconnecting masonry elements.

Fully and discretely air-conditioned, with advanced installations and amenities compatible with times of affluence and prototypical detailing unique for the project throughout. The bi-coloured plastered volumes were not painted, instead the colour was embedded in the plaster and subsequently partially stained with ‘restauro-lasur’ transparent colours thus aging with natural patina. Finishes include exterior terraces with warm coloured soft limestone most suitable for quick patina in the garden and interface with solid decorative brick construction in winding pathways. The warm hues are consistent with the surrounding greenery, including oak windows and shutters and contrasting greyish (de-saturated) blue-green shades in railings, garden ironwork and house metalwork finishes, as well as wood elements in house pergolas. Note the critical total exclusion of contrasting light tones or white.

Despite precise control at supervision, last minute changes also affected the elevations and critical masonry elements. The design concept, was thus implemented as consistently as client confidence to the architects and respective contractor obedience allowed.  Interiors by the architect and the meticulously planned and fully implemented common garden, are presented as separate projects.

The challenge called for a design aesthetically compatible, yet quite different in concept from the other residence.

The innovative design concept proposed a break-down of the volume as an assembly of separate meaningful classical volumes, each with internal consistency and orderly symmetrical elevation. Differentiation in hue of the volumes was critical in this design concept and at the same time compatible in colouring with the whole complex. A grid of masonry elements, devised as a central core extending to both interconnect and separate each plastered classical volume, enveloping at the highest level the centrally placed attic. Low height, masonry and plastered pergolas towards the pool and main garden were also employed. Openings were proportioned consistently with classical harmony, uniformity and compatibility with the whole complex of other buildings within the grounds.

The classical octagon-tower theme is appropriately devised as central and unique to this volumetrically prominent residence. Octagon towers, so characteristic of classical residences and present in 19th-century Kifisia, in direct correlation here with the octagon-domed family chapel at the adjacent plot and the one-storey octagon pool house, were central here, both as one of the most prominent connected volumes symbolically housing the master bedroom over the dining room area in the ground floor and again repeated as a narrow tower appropriately stressing the vertical dimension, placed centrally in the eastern elevation.  The oak shutters and windows without subdivisions in smaller panes, also differentiate this residence from the strictly  classical residence ‘A’ in the same plot.

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