A New Block of Flats owned by a single family in Maroussi-(24, Paradeisou Street) Attica 2009-2016.Under Construction.


A four storey block of flats on a triangular plot designed  with a concrete pergola on the roof and three iron-and wood specially designed pergolas on the third floor.  As the building was to be owned by a single family that previously inhabited the property, the precise programmatic requirements involved two small apartments on the first floor and single apartments on the 3rd, 2nd and ground floors. A  auxiliary flat located on the first basement level was to be connected, to the ground floor apartment to form the residence of the owner. The second basement, extending to a large segment of the plot was to used for covered parking, according to Greek specifications. High quality construction, colour embedded in the plaster through the inclusion of natural coloured sand, traditional heavy-wet construction for a floor plan that allowed little room for subsequent changes as all rooms were guaranteed symmetrical, abstracted as much as possible. Wood high-quality doors and windows were possible in this project. The triple sliding window appearing as three separate windows from the exterior, an innovation of the architect, to ensure classical elegant proportions in openings, and a meticulously adheared to abstracted geometry throughout characterizes the project. The project was finished in full detail by the architect with the exception a a few smaller bathrooms where the client decided for tile finishing. An innovative lighting system from the ceiling was implemented though not with the full dimmer-capability desired by the architect, in order discretely stress architectural order within the tidily designed spaces.  The architect’s colouring scheme was adhered to for the exterior of the building.

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