A selection of Office buildings that were not implemented.

Commercial-Office developments that did not materialize due to disagreements between property owners and contractors commissioning the design, as well as some designs for office buildings for privately held and constructed properties, that did not materialize at the time, or an alternative design was selected for implementation either by our own firm or in one instance by a competition committee. Most of these projects had been developed in schematic design only, with drawings of elevations and floor plans, often also including a model or 3D-images showing the building. These projects have been spread over a 25 year span, while a few have been selected for presentation as illustrating an alternative each time, design concept. (Alas regardless of the often unfortunate quality of surviving material.)

1. Vasilissis Sophias & Aiginitou street, project presented through a prospective developer.

2. Kifisias avenue, Paradeissos Amaroussiou, project presented through a prospective developer.

3. Syngrou avenue, Ethiniki Asphalistiki, new headquarters, open architectural competition.

4. Panepistimiou 43, Athens, Alpha Bank, alternative elevation design.

5. Kriezotou street, potential new development with utilization or alternative demolition of an existing additional building in Zalocosta street, project presented through a developer.

Additional such non-implemented office-building projects between 1990 and 2003 involved a proposal for a building owned by the furniture company ‘SATO’, through a prospective developer-contractor on Kifisias avenue (Amaroussion), as well as a prospective development on Hatzigianni Mexi street, Athens, a project presented through a prospective developer, a property of the Bank of Athens on Santarosa 3 Athens, both Elevation study and plans for potential development of the property, through a contractor. In additions, proposals at preliminary study level  for the prospective commercial development of the property of the ‘Hellenica’ company on Himaras street, Amaroussion, the ‘Allatini’ complex properties in Thessaloniki, a major ‘DEH’ property in Phaleron, as well as the potential development of the British Embassy property in Central Athens, Kolonaki area.

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