Sea-side vacation residence with multiple guest-houses in irregular plot of 6300m2 at Pharangas in the Aegean island of Paros, 2008-2013

The selected scheme, out of three quite opposite alternative approaches presented simultaneously to the clients-  spreads the residence out as much as possible within the roughly triangular buildable area of the irregular plot. The most appropriate layout within the temperate Greek island environment,  is consistent with the classical ‘Greek-House’ concept, arranged around a central protected open space. This results in a most private central open terraced area with pergolas and a central swimming pool in two layers featuring a continuously flowing waterfall between the two levels, directly visible from the main (summer) living room.

The residence is designed with classical qualities and critical hierarchical arrangement of space around local axes in the elevations and overall layout of volumes, pathways, pergolas and pools, applying also to main interior spaces, all very precisely laid out down to furnishing details, including paving and exposed beam structure in the ceilings. Volumetric plan and detailing inspired from traditional construction but also re-invented details with a modern abstracted twist and careful proportioning of each volume or internal space, to an internally consistent artistic expression.

The large main living room, with opposite views of both the pool-waterfall and the sea, was planned with prototypical retractable windows to fully integrate with the open. The main residence, featuring also classical formal dining below the vaulted master bedroom as well as the central pool area, were protected from the elements and prying eyes by covered pathways and semi-private spaces that led to the detached-private guest-houses.

Maximization of residence-size within existing legal framework had been initially required within the exclusive sea-side plot. Properly built masonry walls increasing quality and authenticity, most conveniently in excess of otherwise permissible buildable areas, were combined with conventional cast-in-place concrete structure and insulated-plastered brickwork internally. A unique prototype both in terms of layout but also technologically, aimed to meet the needs of the original Greek owners and appeal to up-scale international tastes, at times of a major real estate boom. Not all of the functional options and technological innovations meticulously planned in detail during construction documentation (such as fully retractable windows and shutters offering complete indoor-outdoor integration) were implemented by the new owners that lived abroad and opted instead to complete this residence more modestly and fast track, after the Greek real estate crisis had ensued.

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