Sea-side residence in Saronis, Attica close to Athens in a c. 2.500m2 area,  2005-2009.

Design of a garden, innovative modern interiors, structural improvements and major elevation face-lift,  on small 50 year old attached residence and a much older existing structure in disarray, located close to the sea. Functional and aesthetic unification and conversion into a consistent secluded refuge in a prime sea-front location with a c.150m sea-front shoreline.

Overall a man-made small-scale sculpture around existing plantings, to cover dense demanding functional requirements in a unique location with unfavourable conditions: Landscape management aside, no building additions were allowed due to proximity to the sea while a large section of the enclosed area was no longer privately owned due to proximity to the main public road. Thankfully, old 80+ year old trees with massive trunks, most conveniently along the boundary of the area served as the best means to ensure privacy of the uniquely located open space, with pistachio, olive trees and varied ornamentals.

Plaster coloured with natural materials, rough warm coloured masonry in paving and low fences, juxtaposition of rough natural and slick high-tech finishing materials for modern installations, elegant modern amenities and practically invisible air-conditioning system through innovative custom detailing on all interior finishes for all main spaces, modern detailing throughout, with custom designed prototypical oak sliding picture windows and safety roll-type oak shutters,  bathrooms, open kitchens, elaborate false ceiling & lighting designs and paving inside and out characterize the small scale project. Garden geometry planned in direct relation to existing built volumes, small but functional spaces with symmetry and elegance, including roof pergola and roof planting, and an extensive garden pergola, designed to support existing old growth found on temporary support.

The landscape design and the two interior projects, were commissioned by the owner separately over a period of three years and consistently implemented, with notable exception of the detailed paving design around the slightly transformed rudimentary poorly constructed swimming pool found on the site, where a fast track solution was devised and a deck was put in place instead.

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