In-doors athletic facilities including swimming pool and Restaurant of the Ziridis school complex at Spata Attica. (1998-2001)

This is a central building with critical functional importance located at the lower level close to the open athletic facilities.

The in-doors athletic facilities (two large gym spaces with changing rooms etc, and the covered swimming pool are located at the lower level close to the open play-grounds. The restaurant is located at the floor above the gyms, accessed through open covered stairways with both the lower and the roof level which is planted and is  essentially the open terrace for recreation  in front of the  primary school buildings.  In essence this large building is hidden, essentially underground with large light-wells serving for effective cross-ventilation. A central skylight provides lighting to the covered swimming pool.

The  various alternative designs were executed in sequence from the fall of 1997 (architectural competition stage) until 2001. At some point a theatre was briefly considered there. The present design had been completed in 2000 and has been implemented, as this building  is functionally essential for the school complex. This was always seen  placed centrally as building 12 of the complex.

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