The Chapel of the Ziridis private school at Spata Attica. (1998-2001)


The chapel of the Ziridis School, a building that was not implemented eventually for financial reasons, was conceived as a very important element of the original design concept. Located at the top of the estate, almost at the same level with a beautiful hilltop with natural Mediterranean vegetation, serving as a tribute to nature, just  above the library and  theatre building, that symbolically formed the triad of most sacred, of highest significance locations within the school complex.


Though initially of a more traditional design, according to conventional specifications, the design soon evolved with owner’s consent  into the here-shown  most innovative, brightly lit octagonal miniature of spiritually oriented  architecture. Small but quite carefully and innovatively proportioned, with modern abstraction and at the same time deep understanding and respect for historical precedent in eastern Christian tradition.  A symbol for spiritual contemplation, flooded with light however, suitable  for the youthful congregation within a school community.


As different building regulations were applicable for religious buildings, this was actually the highest building within the whole building complex. A central building, with a flooded with light dome, in the best tradition, paved by Greek multi coloured marble, that best matches the octagonal pattern.


Though the building was located in the top-most, most important  part of the plot, which was later proven to be unbuildable, this constraint did not specifically apply to ecclesiastical buildings at the  time. Financial constraints were responsible instead, and during that time a version with an open paved octagonal worship space, with a minute enclosed chapel was alternatively designed and shown in brief in the the last image. The  various alternative designs were executed in sequence from the fall of 1997 (architectural competition stage) until 2001. The present design had been completed in 2000.

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